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One workspace. Boundless Possibilities.

A centralized platform to simplify workflows and automate your brand collabs.

Weekly Updated Database of Brands

Leverage our constantly updated brand database, refreshed weekly, complete with the contacts of decision makers you can easily add to your pipeline.

Send pitches directly

Connect your Gmail account to send pitches directly from our platform and take control of the entire process from start to finish.

Powerful Yet Simple CRM

Effortlessly manage all your pitches and brand deals using our intuitive drag-and-drop CRM. Enjoy access to a diverse range of metrics for monitoring the performance of  your deals in the pipeline.

A Simpler Solution

Say goodbye to a time-consuming and fragmented processes

Explore our Expanding Database of Brands

More than just a brand database

We're not just here to simplify your business by providing brands and contacts. We're your gateway to crafting stellar first impressions and joining a vibrant community of fellow creators.

Constantly Evolving Integrations

Our platform is in a constant state of evolution, seamlessly integrating the latest tools and technologies. Stay ahead of the curve, enhance your efficiency, and elevate your workflow by connecting with a wide range of third-party tools.

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